PLEASE NOTE: For 2021 this system will be replaced by one that does not require book codes to be entered by students. The new process can be seen at the bottom of this page.

2020 Registration method

Students are required to both register and then join a class to unlock all the features of sciPAD Online.

Please ensure they have not made an account in a previous year as this will still be active.

Students should follow the instructions in the video below. If students have issues during registration, please email

A direct link to the following video is

2021 Process

  1. Registration – Students will need to register themselves on the platform using their school email address. If they have done this during 2020 they should not do this again. They can reset their password from the login screen.
  2. Add class code – Students will enter the teachers 5 digit class code. This will add their books and link them to the teachers class list.