Students can add themselves manually or schools can be added in bulk.

Manual registration

Once a student has created an account they will use this for the duration of their time at school.

If they have used the platform in a previous year they should not make another account.

Please direct students to the following video. As they add a class code they will be automatically added to your class list and dashboard. The students can watch the video here:

Bulk registration of students

If you would like your students bulk registered – please email with a list of students in the format:

First Name,Last Name,Email (preferably without spaces, single student per line) or in excel spreadsheet format.

Once bulk enrolled the student will receive an email asking them to set their password.

Students who have previously used the platform should not be bulk enrolled. If your school limits external emails to students this method will not be possible so please check with your IT support person.

Frequently Asked Questions

My student cannot access their account that was created last year?

Students can reset their passwords under the login window. Please email if your students cannot log in.

School admin can see all past and present students using the “students” tab on the left menu also where a reset password email can be sent.

My student cannot create an account?

This is due to the email address being in use (from an earlier signup). Please email with their Name and email.

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