Students can create a learning notebook/portfolio as they work on sciPAD online. This can be used to collect learning reflections (that the teacher can view) after each lesson or for students to create study notes in one place linked to the lessons and activities.

Creating notes

During lessons and activities there will be a blue icon at the bottom right of the screen. Once the student selects this the “Notes for Lessons” popup will appear. Once a student types in this it autosaves. The same notepad will be editable for the full topic. To access it again just click the blue icon again within the lesson.

Each activity will have a separate note associated with it.

Viewing notes from a single workbook

To view the notes from a single workbook the student should go to the dashboard for that book and access them via the “my notebook” button. This will filter all created notes to only that particular workbook.

Viewing notes from all workbooks

By clicking the “notebook” button on the left menu, students will be taken to all notes created on the platform.

The icon on the left of the note will show the book it was created in.

Exporting notes to PDF

Students can export all visible notes to a PDF. Export to a pdf button can be found top right when viewing the notebook.

Exporting notes to Google Drive

Students can export all visible notes to their Google Drive folder.

To do this access notes from either the dashboard or through the menu icon. Export to a drive button can be found top right when viewing the notebook.

Exporting notes to a .doc file

Coming soon

Deleting notes

Notes can be deleted by clicking the rubbish bin icon beside the notes title. Please be careful deleting notes as this process is not reversible.

Viewing Notes as a teacher

A teacher or admin can view all notes made by a particular student under their classes progress page or through the class list by clicking on the small note icon. These can then be exported as a PDF or saved to your Google Drive folder.

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