Getting started

Getting Started

Upon purchasing a sciPAD workbook (Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 or Level 1 PESS & CB standards), your school will be provided with a number of assigned online seats for the specific titles you have purchased.

These assigned seats will grant seamless access to the corresponding content on the sciPAD Online platform.

Please note that currently there is no sciPAD Online content available for Level 2 or Level 3 sciPAD workbooks.

  • If books are purchased directly from sciPAD

If your school workbook purchase is direct from sciPAD you will automatically receive an email in late January-early Feb 2024 outlining the process of getting your students setup.

If you have not received your email by February, please contact support. 

  • If books are purchased from a retailer

If your school purchases their sciPAD’s from another retailer, you will need to provide the number¬†of books purchased with evidence. Once we have this, we will add the corresponding student online seats. Feel free to email us before the beginning of term one to prepare the platform for 2024.¬†

Please email:

Home schooling

If you are a home-schooling parent, and wish to gain access to our online platform, please send us an email with your order number or proof of purchase. We will then add you to our dedicated home-schooling platform.

School admin/contact

The email address used for ordering will be automatically assigned as the admin for your school. If you need to change the assigned admin, please contact support.