How much does sciPAD Online cost?

sciPAD Online access is FREE with the purchase of a workbook (Currently Book 1, Book 2 and Year 11 Science).

Can we purchase access to sciPAD Online?

sciPAD Online has been developed to work alongside the write-on workbooks – it is not a stand-alone resource. Currently you cannot purchase access without purchasing a workbook.

How do we get access after purchasing our sciPADs?

Once your school order is submitted to sciPAD, your contact email will be sent instructions for your teachers and students (this may take up to 2 weeks). If you have not used sciPAD Online and would like to have a preview, please click here.

We bought our books from another retailer. Can we access sciPAD Online?

Yes, with proof of workbook purchase we will provide book codes to access sciPAD Online. This must be a bulk purchase (class set).

When do book codes expire?

Book codes remain active for the entire time a student is at school (max 5 years) and will remember all results/ notes and interactions. A student’s profile will be retained – there is no need to reload their details at the beginning of each school year.

My code is not working?

Check the code has been entered correctly (copy/ paste if possible). If there is still an issue please email

For 2021 we will be moving away from the use of “book codes”.

I have found a mistake/ bug/ issue with sciPAD Online.

Please email with book, topic, lesson or url of activity.

Is Level 2 and Level 3 content available?

This is currently under development. Please subscribe to the Team sciPAD email to be kept up to date with sciPAD Online releases.

Where do I add my students?

Your students will need to register themselves at and they will need to add a book code once logged in (only on initial launch). Please see the video under support.

As a HoD/HoF, can I see all my department’s classes?

Yes, they will appear as your teachers create them. You will see students as they are added. You also have the ability to edit students/classes/emails and reset passwords.

Why does it say ‘no data found’ in my teacher dashboard?

Until students log into your class, and attempt an activity or lesson, there will be no data in the teacher dashboard. Once students begin activities and lessons it will become instantly populated with information.